HTML5 Word Cloud

Copyright 2011, 2013-2019 Timothy Guan-tin Chien and other contributors. Released under the MIT license.

Source code available on Github. Contribution welcome.

Read the README to know more about the technologies and services employed. Contact the author or leave an issue on Github for questions and inquiries.

Privacy Policy

The actual content of the feed, file, or copy-pasted text is not transmitted to our server in any form. Everything is processed on your computer directly, employed technologies in the browser known collectively as HTML5.

Information collected

In order to improve user experience based on the usage, the website collects common metrics, and record usage of other non-identifiable operations (e.g. Sharing image). Additionally, the identifier of the source selected to generated the image will be collected.

External Services

When you explicitly selected a feature that involve external service(s), your data might be collected by the external party, or parties. These feature will by marked with name of the external providers. You should check and read the privacy policy of these external providers.